JUST POWER BRAKES uses the best quality products available. We do have a limited warranty of 6 months from purchase date. We only warranty products which were purchased directly from JUST POWER BRAKES. You must have a dated Invoice from JUST POWER BRAKES. Any parts which have been Modified from their orginal intended use, such as but not limited to: Grinding, welding, beat on, used on vehicle not intended for etc... will not be warrantied. Just Power Brakes has the option to repair or replace the part at their option after inspection. Just Power Brakes has the option to Refuse a warranty if they feel the item was intentionally damage, installed improperly, or used as unintended. Just Power Brakes has the option to substitute an item for equal or greater value if item returned is discontinuted or out of stock. Just Power Brakes Does NOT pay for shipping charges. If an item is returned for warranty the buyer will pay all shipping including return postage.

JUST POWER BRAKES will not be held responsible for Incidental or consequential damages such as but not limited to:Physcial Injuries or property damages, Loss of time, Loss of use of vehicle, Inconvience, Rental Vehicle, Towing Charges, or Accommodations resulting from the failure of any part due to the use or misuse of any product.

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